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Block Exemption.
How Does Block Exemption Effect Me?
You can now have your car serviced by us without invalidating your warranty. Thanks to changes in European Union legislation (block exemption) we can service your car and save you money without fear of invalidating your vehicles warranty. There are no restrcitions to this providing we use original spare parts or matched quality spares and adhere to the terms set out in the legislation. So there is no need to keep paying through the nose for your car servicing.

At Station Garage we will never put a matched quality spare into your car unless we are sure that it is not going to invalidate your warranty, to this end we use mostly original manufacturers parts.

Station Garage Servicing All Makes/Models
We supply all types of servicing to the Essex area, but we are a little different. Rather than just give every car the same old service, we recognise that each car requires a different type of serivice. This is simply because all vehicles aren't built the same way and whilst one type of service might be good for one car a slightly adjusted service is better for a different car. We stock Twelve different oil grades to cater for the modern vehicle.

At Station Garage we service cars as per the original manufacturers guidelines, so if you have a Vauxhall Vectra then we service as per Vauxhalls guidelines, we believe this allows us to give your car the best service, specifically tailored to meet the needs of your vehicle. We don't do generic services which are not suitable for modern vehicles.

Call us on 01702 431946 for a free no obligation quotation on vehicle servicing, or use the contact forms on this website to submit an enquiry.