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Tyres supplied, fitted and repaired
We have a fully equipped tyre bay and excellent stock availability at short notice at very competitive prices.

Tyre Fitting and Removal WHILE YOU WAIT!

Simply give us a call on 01702 431946 to book in your tyre change now and we will perform this while you wait.

Station Garage tyres for some of the best deals in Essex.  
Most Vehicles Covered
Performance Tyres
Budget Tyres
Most Makes Can be Supplied.

Fitting usually includes new valves and computerised wheel balancing.

CALL NOW on 01702 431946 to get a quote for your vehicle!

Wheel alignment.
Help protect your new tyres and prevent premature tyre wear with our fully computerised, 4 wheel, laser tracking system. This system ensures that the steering and suspension geometry of your vehicle is set up to the original factory specifications. This greatly helps to ensure good tyre life and the correct road handling of your vehicle.